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February 23, 2013
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You stood frozen in the empty hallway, staring at your phone in fearful shock. No less than twenty four messages, from the same unknown number. All containing a bittersweet mixture of endearments and threats. This had been going on for about a week, now, slowly getting worse and worse. At first you were a little flattered that you had a secret admirer with a sense of humor. Then as the texts and notes and calls slowly became more and more desperate and violent, you started to get creeped out, and were now intensely afraid.
A massive shudder ran down your spine, and you slowly, impulsively turned to look behind you. No one, thank god. You turned around again and continued quickly on your way, taking forced deep breaths.
As moments passed, you began to hear footsteps. Could that be? You walked even faster, turning into the last door in that particular hallway. Music room three. No one used it, and you figured there could be equipment or something you could hide among, if it came to that.
What you saw surprised you. Fancy couches and tables, and flowers, laid out like a humongous tea party. Snacks and drinks were all laid out in fancy china, and your stomach growled, for you had skipped lunch. You blinked in surprise. You just then noticed that there was a person that was setting up the last of the beautiful decorations and favors for whatever gathering this was. He had black hair and glasses, and wore the regular Ouran boy’s uniform of a blue blazer-suit thing. He seemed to notice you as well.
“Why hello, Miss. I’m afraid we’re not yet set up just now, but may I help you?”
“I thought no one used this room. Where are the instruments?”
He gave a small smile. “You must be new. It is true that none of the music clubs or classes use this room any longer, and that is why our club uses it. The Host Club. Again, we’re not quite ready to entertain as of now.” He looked up as the door opened behind you. “Ah, Tamaki. Just in time. We have an early guest.”
“Yes, I believe I saw her in the hall. In such a hurry.” You heard a chuckle, and turned to face a blonde boy, much taller than you, with a warm and charming smile and bright, innocent blue eyes. “Might I ask you your name? And why were you alone, Miss?”
“M-my name is (last name) (first name), and I was actually just wandering. I thought you were someone else.” You looked down, actually a bit embarrassed that you thought this boy could be the one you were afraid of. Although the assumption wasn’t completely unprecedented. And as much as you were uncomfortable in this new and different “host club”, you really didn’t want to be alone in the hall again.
“Well, Miss (last name), it’s a pleasure to meet you. I am Suoh Tamaki, and this is Ootori Kyoya. Feel free to make yourself comfortable, club activities will start in about fifteen minutes.” He said, gesturing widely to all of the free seats. You saw the black haired boy, Kyoya, purse his lips. He was clearly not in favor of the idea, but for courtesy’s sake, he wouldn’t say anything. You carefully perched yourself on one of the pink upholstered Victorian armchairs. You spotted a throw pillow nearby and grabbed it, hugging it to your lap. Kyoya looked at you, eyes slightly narrowed behind the glare of his glasses. Likely interested as to why you were hugging a pillow.
To be honest, it was a comfort habit. You just had to have something to hold. You hugged your books in class, and your friends when they allowed your hugs.
“Tamaki. If Miss (last name) is to stay, you should entertain her until the others arrive. It’s only polite.” Kyoya went back to an isolated table, where a laptop was open and on. He sat and began to type, obviously working on something. You watched for a moment, before you realized that Tamaki was sitting in front of you, staring at you interestedly. You jumped a little, and then smiled unintentionally. You couldn’t help it. He just had this naturally charming and kind aura about him that made you cheer up and all but forget about your stalker, at least for the moment.
At least until your phone went off. You blanched, suddenly shivering. Should you even look at it? Or ignore it? These nice new people shouldn’t be burdened with your fears and the like. Plus it would be rude to answer a text when someone is sitting right in front of you hoping for conversation.
“Are you alright? You look pale! You’re shaking!” he titled his head, looking genuinely worried about you. You tried your best to calm yourself.
“Forgive me… someone texted me, and I’m fairly sure it’s someone I don’t want to talk to right now. I’ll just ignore it.” You thought frantically to change the subject so that he wouldn’t ask what was wrong again. “So please tell me more about your club! It sounds very interesting.”
His worry seemed to melt away. “Of course! We’re the Ouran High School Host club, here to entertain the beautiful young ladies and make them happy! There are seven hosts, and –oh! Here’s one of the others now!” he looked up at the sound of the door opening once more and waved. Three boys stood in the doorway, two redheads of average height, obviously twins, pestering a shorter brunette that looked surprisingly feminine. They noticed you and Tamaki, ending their conversation to walk over. “I’m glad you’re here! This is (last name) (first name), Miss (last name), this is Hikaru, Kaoru, and Haruhi.”
“Well hello. (First name) is fine, please.” You smiled politely at them.
“Why’s she so early, Boss?” one of the twins said.
“I’m a new transfer, so I didn’t even know the club used this room until I came upon mister Ootori working.” I heard a brief pause in the sounds of typing. He was listening, then.
The brunette snorted in laugher. Haruhi was his name? “So you stumbled in here, same as me, huh? Except I got recruited…” he added darkly.
You smiled, giggling.
“Transfer? Where’d you transfer from?”
“A private art school in America. My parents decided I should have a ‘worldly education’, and gave me a choice of here or Germany.”
“Germany? Can you speak any German?”one of the twins asked, smirking.
“Ein bissien. Ich habe eine klasse gelernt.” I smiled.
“How cool! What does that mean?” Tamaki said, clapping his hands together.
“It means ‘a little. I’ve taken a class.’”
The door opened again and a very short blonde boy bounced in, followed by… well, honestly, the stereotypical “tall dark and handsome”. You smiled and waved. The small boy looked excited and ran over. “Hello! You’re new! Does that mean you need to make friends? My name’s Hunny! I’ll be your friend!”
You giggled impulsively. He was just so cute.
“It seems to be time to open the doors, now, Miss (last name). Perhaps you could join one of the hosts at their stations.” Kyoya said from behind you. He moved pretty quietly, you hadn’t heard him approach at all. You jumped a little.
“That sounds wonderful, thank you for telling me.” You took the pillow with you and moved to the couch, followed by Tamaki, who sat beside you, with the same warm smile that made you smile, too.
The club period passed pleasantly, with soft sounds of conversation and china clinking. You felt very happy and satisfied that you had stumbled in. Maybe these boys were nice. Maybe you could make real friends at your new school.
the part one of the Tamaki (from ouran) version. hoo hah
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